Vitcas silica refractory mortars


The Vitcas company offers a whole variety of products designed to deal with fire and excessive temperatures. For instance, a selection of silica refractory mortars provides excellent qualities required for jointing dense and insulating fire bricks.
Back in the past people were much more dependent on fire or lack of it.



In many ways, then, it was a…

In many ways, then, it was a life-or-death situation if fire couldn’t be started when required. These days, however, a lot has changed in this respect. People tend to use electricity where fire was obligatory a couple of decades ago. However, there are moments that simply can’t do without fire. For example, we all enjoy sitting in front of a marvellous fireplace especially on a winter evening. It turns out that for a fireplace to work safely and effectively, it needs to feature, for instance, refractory mortars.

At this point we should mention that a Vitcas range of refractory mortars is particularly recommended. For instance, in order to join together kiln or furnace walls a lot of different refractory mortars have to be used. Luckily, though, refractory mortars offered by Vitcas are suitable for jointing together and setting both dense and insulating bricks.

The Silcas 1C, for instance, is an air setting cement especially designed to be used with Grade 13 Insulating Bricks.

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