Taking fire and heat seriously


The Vitcas company takes fire and heat-related issues very seriously. As a result, you can choose from a whole variety of refractory materials including purpose-built bricks and mortars.
Even though a lot of people don’t really think too much in terms of safety while using a fireplace or furnace, experts at Vitcas constantly provide best quality refractory materials that no fireplace or furnace can do without.

refractory cement

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In particular, we wholeheartedly recommend…

In particular, we wholeheartedly recommend silica-based mortars designed to withstand temperature up to 1550C. What’s more, the Silcas 1C high temperature cement is also responsible for keeping your fireplace or furnace bricks safe. In fact, the unique characteristics of the Silcas cement prevents the bricks from cracking or breaking when exposed to ultra high temperatures. The range of Vitcas refractory mortars don’t end just here. The company also offers the Silcas CFA cement. In a nutshell, the CFA is a ceramic fibre adhesive designed to be used with ceramic fibre modules.

The maximum temperature protection reaches 1260C in this case. Vitcas also offers the Silcas M mortar which is white and it can be used straight away. For more detailed information regarding the Vitcas refractory cements, please visit the company’s website at www. vitcas. com.

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