Ensuring fireplace safety


In spite of temperatures in excess of 1200C, using a fireplace can be very relaxing and entertaining. Apparently, there’s something very unique about dealing with fire and experiencing light and warmth it gives. However, we do recommend that you do it safely using a line of heat protective products courtesy of Vitcas.
Although 1200C sounds terrifying, it doesn’t have to pose a threat to you and your property when approached with due care and attention.

Luckily, the Vitcas company offer everything you…

Luckily, the Vitcas company offer everything you might possibly need to stay safe at all times. In particular, we wholeheartedly recommend trying one of the refractory cements and mortars. Unlike regular cements, those with refractory features manage to deal with extremely high temperatures without any serious problems at all. At this point we should mention a line of high alumina refractory cements which are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1700C which is a truly magnificent result way in excess of temperatures that actually occur inside a fireplace.


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Then there are the heat and…

Then there are the heat and fire resistant boards (vitcas.com) which provide excellent heat and fire insulation. The boards are made of vermiculite which proves to be absolutely excellent when it comes to keeping all the excessive heat away from you and your properties.

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